Lip Blush

About The Launch

With a growing beauty industry and the need for overlap in permanent makeup and cosmetics, Tina Davies Professional was inclined to be the first PMU company to bring both industries together.

Email Marketing

Our standard email calendar would include 2-3 email sends per week. Product Launches were different – they were a time for us to truly involve our customers and get them excited about what’s to come.

Planning Out The Details

There were many ideas from the marketing team for the types of emails and the frequency of sends. This was the largest campaign we had put out in over 6 months and it was going to be executed over 4 weeks.

The structure of the campaign schedule was determined:

It was on to designing the emails. The campaign was to serve as a contrast to what our audience would traditionally expect from us. We toned down the cute pinks and went for bold and edgy – letting the pigment colors speak for themselves.


The Process

Internal Research

With most of our internal research, we turned to HotJar – allowing us to gather valuable user data through methods of screen recordings, heat maps, and funnel tracking. 

Observations & Learnings:

– High percentage of users were not scrolling through the bottom 60% of the home page
– Users were having a difficult time navigating their way to a product page on standard occasions
– For product launches, 80%+ of user traffic came through marketing initiatives such as email marketing and social media
– When product launches were present, more scrolling activity would occur with users navigating to the bottom of the page
– When product launches were present, users would navigate through to the product page but temporarily go off-page to for content consumption such as linked blog posts

The Goals

From our observations we were able to identify user pain points, some being of greater scale which would require more attention. We were constrained to design a new solution quickly, and this would mean compromising on some of our original goals with the project. Our new goals included:

1. Independent Landing Page
A dedicated landing page for the lip collection would be a great opportunity for us to gather all product information and host it in one spot for the user. This goal would particularly assist in driving higher traffic rates via email marketing and social media. The landing page would include an explainer video of the product, the introductory blog, and the products.

2. Reconfigure Product Pages
Design the product pages to include more information about the product. Permanent makeup artists are not unfamiliar with the process so we need to provide them with all they need to succeed. New product pages should include a responsive accordion dropdown to keep the page styled correctly without being overwhelmed with copy and content.

The Final Designs

In consideration of time and resources for the launch date, we were able to design a completely new landing page for the Lip Collections. We designed for mobile first knowing the majority of users shop from a smartphone.

Client: Tina Davies Professional

Focus: User Experience, User Interface

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