Misage is a healthy and wellness direct to consumer brand focused on providing their clients with high quality products with clean ingredients. After gaining tracking during 2021, they were looking for a complete redesign of their interface experience.

The Problem

The team at Misage was facing increased traffic but were running into issues relating to core eCommerce functionality - such as lack of information hierarchy and navigation, and issues relating to customer checkout. While users were able to guide themselves through these issues with the help of the care team, they were a direct influence on a decrease in AOV and repeat customers. Additionally, the interface lacked the implementation of best practices - accessibility was not at standard, product detail pages were congested and were a source of cognitive overload for users, and the general experience did not sufficiently tell the story of the brand while taking the user on an efficient journey from start to finish.

The Approach

The project started with a full interface audit to understand how the site was built, elements that were successful in aiding customers to their goals throughout the experience, as well as identifying areas that were leading to the decline of a handful of metrics. Internal research was initiated through the use of HotJar to dive deeper into the issues seen during the audit to better understand the impact on user behavior as well as the needs of customers. External research took place as an additional source of understanding - user expectations, behaviors, needs, and motivations.

The results of user research led to some distinct observations relating to an imbalance between user goals and business goals, with the later being top of mind for Misage. Knowing this, the goal was to bring stability to both these aspects in a way they can align and provide further success for the brand.

The Focus

Information Architecture - Organize and structure all pages of the interface in a way that is intuitive to the user to allow the user to independently find the information they need in order to successfully complete a task.

Accessibility - Ensure any and all users can effectively utilize the interface by implementing an inclusive experience seen by ADA standards.

User Journeys - Ensure the findings from internal and external research are implemented in the design phases to address shortcomings that exist in the current experience to reach an ideal user state.

Brand Consistency - Implement consistent designs across the interface that align with brand guidelines and principles to build trust with users and maintain credibility.

The Work

After analyzing the research and creating a steady plan - wireframes were initiated with a sole focus on Information Architecture and pinpointing key user journeys. From there, the marketing team was brought in to lead copywriting and asset creation. Once complete, mockups and hi-fi prototypes were built and presented to the team where 2 rounds of revisions took place to ensure the alignment of goals with the redesign.

Client: Misage

Focus: Creative Direction, User Experience, User Interface

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