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About Senses Studios

I started Senses Studios after spending many years helping brands improve their online presence. My goal with Senses Studios has always been to focus on helping independents & small brands blossom into gratifying experiences. Whether this means through branding, web design, print design, or packaging design – I strive to make beautiful things to inspire others. I strive to create meaning, truly the point of this all. Most importantly, I strive to bring my clients pleasure and deep joy in the way they see their creations being presented to the world.

Naming The Brand

Have you ever thought about your senses and how they work seamlessly together, in tandem? How amazing is it that your senses are what determines whether something brings you joy, or not?

When I was designing and naming the studio, it was so important to think about the work I do and the outcomes I design for. Every experience, every engagement, every first impression. Engaging the senses is what creates meaningful design. The more senses we engage, the more intensified our connection to a moment, an object, a space.

This is when Senses Studios was born.

Designing The Website

My goal when designing the website was to make it simple and neutral, allowing the work I do for clients bring the contrast of colors. Because of the simplicity, I was looking to add a little bit more to the designs and began utilizing visible grids with thin horizontal and vertical lines. Their purpose was to break up content into sections while framing hero images. It really brought the designs to life.

With a minimal web design I wanted the typography to be a bit edgier, but not too over the top. Roboto Mono, a classic, can be seen across all pages of the site. It’s used for sub headings and paragraphs, using different weights to identify each type class and improve the hierarchy of copy.

The Wireframes

Lo-Fi Mockups

The Final Design

Helping Small Businesses Navigate COVID-19

The past few months have been extremely difficult for so many and it’s been inspiring to see the way many independents and small brands have pivoted and adapted to this new environment we live in – not out of choice, but out of necessity. As we watch as many brick and mortar shops transform into online experiences, I thought about the work I do and how I could help brands pivot with an impact. The solution needed to be inclusive enough to where having previous design experience for shop owners wasn’t an issue, to be considerate of those on a tighter budget, and to be progressive in accelerating the time it takes to get shops online. All of these factors led to thoughtfully designed, ready-to-use website templates. It sounded like a simple solution but designing a website is often the most daunting step for people because it’s truly no small task and it tends to come at a large cost.

As Senses Studios has progressed from a side hustle to my full-time gig these past months, my hope is to continue adapting my own small business to be able to support the needs of the community in any way I can.

The Templates

LIVSSTIL, Blog Template
Aarde, eCommerce Template
Noémie, eCommerce Template
Meadow, Photographer / Videographer Portfolio

Project: Personal

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, User Experience, User Interface, Technical Strategy, Web Development

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