The Academy

Problem Statement

The existing Tina Davies customer dashboard hadn’t been updated in over 3 years, since the original site build, and wasn’t up to standard with current customer account dashboards within eCommerce shops. It lacked appeal but most importantly it lacked functionality for users.

The Process

Internal Research

We started with internal research by opening the conversation up with our customer success team. By doing this, we were able to understand the most common customer inquiries, pre-existing customer success methodologies that could transition from manual to automated functions, as well as feedback the team was receiving from customers regarding their accounts.

We also turned to HotJar to take a look at qualitative data pulled from past screen recordings and heat maps to understand user behaviour within the pre-existing dashboard. Funnel Tracking was also put in place to understand the users journey and where they fell off - allowing us to make more informed assumptions around what the problems existing actually were.

What we learned:

– Customer Success was dealing with a high volume of inquiries for copies of invoices
– Customer Success was dealing with a high volume of customers looking to update their address or payment information
– Customer Success was manually dealing with inquiries on cancelling product subscriptions
– Product subscriptions listed within the dashboard were not up to date and accurate
– HotJar was showing a decline in activity within the dashboard over a time period of 8 months
– Users that made it into the dashboard rarely controlled their own personal information and subscriptions

External Design Research

The marketing team created a list of some of the most liked and least liked shops we’ve ordered from within the last 6 months – going over the wins and pain points, what we enjoyed most, and what could be improved on to understand the experience leaders in eCommerce were providing for their customers.

The insights:

– Over 80% of the dashboards provided the ability for a user to cancel a subscription (if present)
– Dashboards with a lesser amount of options were seen as more functional – providing enhanced usability leading to improved user experiences
– Experience and usability was increasingly present on web when compared to mobile
– The dashboards that included exclusive incentives for the user were more appealing for repeat purchases

The Goals

What we learned from the research phase gave us the ability to dive deeper into understanding the needs of our users to provide them with an improved solution.

1. User Independence
The new dashboard needed to succeed in empowering users to navigate the account dashboard and successfully update their personal information and retrieve past order history and invoices. 

2. Order History
Lifetime history of past orders with the ability for users to retrieve invoices with the option to reorder products from past orders.

3. Product Subscriptions
Ability to manage current product subscriptions including pausing a subscription delivery for an extended period of time, cancelling a subscription, or requesting the subscription items be delivered sooner than the original date of delivery. Product subscription section should allow for lifetime history.

4. Academy Subscriptions
With the new academy build in mind, the customer dashboard should have a designated section to host academy subscriptions. If a user already has a subscription, they should have the ability to view the subscription cost, past payments, and invoices, as well as upgrade or downgrade their subscription type. If the user does not have a past subscription, this is an opportunity to upsell the benefits of a subscription and allow for them to purchase.

5. Product Add-Ons
Upsell alternative products by designing a subsection with product add-ons. User can add a new product to the next subscription order, or request the product immediately. 

Explorations: The User Journey

The Designs

The Wireframes

The Mockups

Client: Tina Davies Professional

Focus: User Experience, User Interface

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