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The Academy
May 2020
User Experience
User Interface
With the closure of spas and salons and a drastic decline in sales due to COVID-19, Tina Davies Professional needed to create a solution to keep their audience engaged , inspired, and learning.

Problem Statement

With the closure of many spas and salons and a drastic decline in sales due to COVID-19, Tina Davies Professional needed to create a solution to keep their audience engaged – inspiring artists to continue learning and not lose touch with their skills.

The Academy, By Tina Davies. It needed to be a platform for Artists not only to learn but to grow within a community of like-minded people. There needed to be a push for a variety of permanent makeup courses to enable learning across various skills the Artists hold, while being price conscious enough when considering many of these Artists had temporarily lost all main-stream income.

The Process


We needed to understand current user behaviours, their needs, and attitudes by using observation and feedback collection methods. What we already knew was there had been a demand for a more fleshed out education platform, as we already dabbled in selling a few courses on our storefront.

We started by talking to our audience, ranging from beginner artists to more advanced artists, to understand their needs, the education they were seeking, how price sensitive they were, and understand their goals with learning. 

Months prior to this decision to Pivot, we had set up HotJar across our webpages to better understand the activity and patterns of our users. Through collecting this data we were able to understand regional habits (across our 4 regional website), blog posts users were reading the most which helped in understanding the techniques they sought after, as well as traffic to the educational resources on our storefront.

What we learned:
– Over 73% of our existing platform was looking for a way to combat their time with education
– 62% of our audience was determined to keep learning while salons were closed with online courses
– The majority of our audience was price sensitive when it came to spending during this time
– Web users visiting educational resources spiked in April
– Most popular blog posts were about Machine & Microblading

The Goals

What we learned from our audience had a large impact on the goals of the educational platform.

Due to price sensitivity for a large part of our audience, it would make most sense for all users to have the option of a la carte courses and the option of a subscription, either monthly or yearly.  

Variety in Courses
Our audience was skilled in different permanent makeup services and there were a variety of skill levels. Our educational offering had to be inclusive of both of these aspects

Build Out the Community
While our community of artists was already at over 70k across all social platforms, there was a further need to connect in a safe place of like-minded artists where they could interact, get advice, as well as receive feedback. We needed to create a community for our audience to do just that.

User Personas

With an array of learning from the Research phase, we began creating user personas. We broke these learnings down into two different personas.

Explorations: The User Journey

While we had already had a couple online courses hosted on our storefront, we needed to explore the best option for making this a seamless experience for users while also choosing a solution that made the most sense for the functions of the business. 

Because the company is a leader in selling physical permanent makeup products, and only had experience in selling a couple online courses hosted through the Shopify storefront, we needed to explore the best option for designing a seamless experience for users while also considering the journeys a user will take.

Here were the options: 

Third Party Platforms

Solution: Use a platform like Kajabi or Teachable to host the content – appearing as a separate website with its own domain.

Problems & Constraints:
– If a user would like to checkout with physical products from tinadavies.com as well as digital products (the courses), the user would have to make two separate orders on two separate sites.
– Having a separate platform may skew customer data
– Limitations in overall designs

Exclusive to Shopify

Solution: Design and develop a custom build for an educational platform. Users can perform checkouts for both physical and digital products.

Problems & Constraints:
– Lack of resources to accomplish a build like this in the timeframe we had in mind for launch

Hybrid: Integrate Kajabi with Shopify

Solution: Host content on Kajabi while directly integrating the digital products from Kajabi onto Shopify. This would allow users to check out both physical and digital products seamlessly. This would allow all data to be integrated with Shopify.

Problems & Constraints:
– Limitations in product page designs

The Final Solution

In consideration of time, resources, capabilities, and the best interest for our users, we unanimously decided on using a hybrid solution with integrating Kajabi with Shopify.

To eliminate having a separate website, but in making The Academy feel as an add-on to tinadavies.com, we decided to create a subsection within the site, exclusive to the academy. This subsection would include The Academy landing page, collection page, and product page, with the ability to checkout physical and digital products within Shopify. Kajabi would be used strictly to host the content.

This option would allow for better discovery for The Academy from current website users and our existing SEO would assist in retrieving new users to tinadavies.com. Data would also be seamlessly received through the integration.

This solution provided us with the creative freedom to design for every detail within each web page in consideration of user journeys, with our only restriction being the lack of design freedom with the structure of the course outline on Kajabi. This was something we could compromise for.

The Designs



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