An Unconventional Approach to Web Design

Design & Creativity
March 28, 2020

Color. It’s one of the most significant elements of every web design project. It evokes emotion and influences the way visitors feel about a website, it guides us through an interface and helps us process information, all while reinforcing a brand.

I mentioned recently that I’m currently working on a project that’s more moody and follows a black and white color palette. Exchanging the standard for white backgrounds to black isn’t seen as the conventional approach for web design, in fact many UX designers oppose doing this, mostly due to the readability issues that can occur if not done correctly.

But using the combination of black and white provides a maximum state of contrast and plays on an alternate view of the world. When done right, black and white designs can be classic, powerful, timeless and bold.

I wouldn’t choose this route for just any web design project, but I do think this can be an amazing approach for portfolio websites. Stay tuned for the full project!

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