Is Your Website Due For a Digital Facelift?

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February 18, 2020

As Senses Studios grows, so does the website – the information, the navigation, the aesthetics, the first impression. Giving your website a facelift is important in today’s competitive online market. Whether you’re an independent or small business, keeping up with the times with both looks and functionality will help keep your brand on top.

So let’s talk about some reasons why you may update your website.

Rebranding. Your website is the face of your brand and reflects your purpose and the way customers perceive you. If you’re overhauling your brand, updating your website should be at the top of your list so your identity is in-sync across the board. This may include your logo, your graphics, your images, the typography, etc.

Website Speed. Slow loading times are a major factor in website bounce rates. This could be due to an outdated theme, unoptimized images and video files, poor hosting, inefficient coding, poor user interface, etc.

Data Safety. Protecting yourself and your visitors should be a top priority, especially if you're selling products or have a customer portal that requires login. Make sure your website is compliant with the latest standards to stay protected and avoid compromised data.

Search Engine Rankings. Quality content is a massive driver for your search engine rankings with other major contributors including – keywords, metadata, link-building, and alt-tags. Because people are conducting searches on the daily, it’s crucial to optimize your website to improve your ranking – leading your brand to increased growth.

So now you're asking 'how often should I consider updating my website?'. Well, different parts of your website require different attention at different times.

Your blog. Blogging between two to four times a week can be a game-changer for your brand in boosting search engine rankings and visitor engagement. This is the perfect opportunity to do a little research around your audience, relevant topics, as well as keywords and incorporating your findings into your blog content to drive your search engine rankings.

Lead magnets. How are you currently incentivizing your web visitors? You may have a downloadable guide or a freebie you’re giving away in exchange for a visitor’s email subscription. Updating this on a quarterly basis will keep your website content fresh and will provide visitors a reason to return. Bonus points if you update it more regularly!

Web Audits. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise. Auditing your content, functionality, and the overall design will keep your website relevant, effective, and engaging. Commit to an annual audit at the very least and use this as a chance to really dive into all the moving parts of your website. This could be your chance to improve your search ranking, increase website traffic, and enhance your website’s performance. It’s so worth it.

Giving your website the proper love and attention it deserves can lead you well into your own success. If you're looking to start from scratch or redesign your website but need some help, I'd love to work together and be a part of your journey. Alternatively, I also have some awesome website template resources in the Senses Studios shop if you're in a bit of a time crunch or are looking for a more budget-friendly option.

You can check out the templates here.

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