More Than Art, Let's Talk Creativity

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February 1, 2021

More Than Art – Let's Talk Creativity

I’ve been thinking recently about creativity and how oftentimes we directly associate what it means to be creative with artistic abilities. The correlation between art and freedom comes with loose rules and a greater space for interpretation, while the world outside of art comes with a set of more concrete rules which are expected to be followed without breaking them.

But creativity is much more than this – it is vast and it is limitless  and creativity rarely looks the same. In its essence, it’s about ideas and our ability to develop, understand, and communicate them. It’s not a rare or dramatic activity – it’s actually something we do every day as we navigate our lives. It’s a constant involvement.

It’s also a commitment to doing better with the things we have and the environment we’re surrounded in. It’s not seeing our current arrangements as fixed, but rather it’s looking to fine tune the way these things do exist and rethink how we go about our journey.

As we reclaim the standards of creativity and what it means to be creative, we understand it’s more than art, it’s everyday thoughts we have that allow us to thrive against the natural standards.

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