The Evolution of Packaging Design

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August 1, 2020

The Evolution of Packaging Design – From Offline to Online

This past weekend I passed off some final packaging designs to a client [eek!]. Throughout this project I’ve reflected on how packaging is an integral part of a consumer's decision to purchase, and what the packaging design role now plays on a digital shelf (vs offline).

We’ve seen many brands adopt online strategies in the past few years, but the transition for more brands to become digital as of late has been crucial – giving them the ability to connect with consumers in a completely different way while being completely accessible.

With this pivot has come a shift in strategy, and these were a few of the key takeaways from the thoughts I had:

• Utilization of other forms of content to narrate the brand story (mainly through visuals, influencer marketing, etc.), provide more context to the features and benefits of a product and why someone would want to purchase it. This is a major plus.

• Well-executed, thoughtful graphics prevail and are a critical factor for purchase decision, as they’ve always been, but now more than ever does this stand true since so many product choices are available at the consumer’s finger tips.

• Tactile features are no longer a major player for a purchase decision, BUT they continue to play a massive role in how a consumer experiences the product and evolves into a loyal customer.

Packaging will continue to remain a predominant part of the consumer’s experience both in the online and offline worlds and it’s important to design for these evolving experiences, engagements, and impressions.How do you think brand's are evolving to meet the digital needs of their customers?

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