Time To Bloom

Self Reflections
May 1, 2020

Time to bloom, however you need to.⁣

I'm taking this time to do the things I haven't quite had the chance to do while times were busier. Things that bring joy, bring happiness, bring calmness.⁣

This weekend I found myself reaching for the Kinfolk mag collecting dust (while also keeping the aesthetic fresh), on my coffee table. These are my absolute favorite reads, but sometimes we forget about the things we love doing because we just don't have the time or we're distracted by other outputs.⁣

It's so important right now to not be misled by the current push for productivity. What's more important is indulging in the things you enjoy but haven't engaged in for a while. The things that lighten your mood and brighten your spirits.⁣

Take this time for you, and bloom.

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